Sunshine Coast Stadium

Sunshine Coast Stadium is a state of the art facility and the premier venue for sport, recreation and events in the region.

The playing surface at Sunshine Coast Stadium is impeccable. With careful attention, expert management and favourable weather conditions year round, the playing surface and facilities at the stadium is rated among the best in Australia by both coaches and players of the highest calibre.

Grass hills, intimate setting and capacity crowds so close to the field ensure the atmosphere at Sunshine Coast Stadium is second to none. The crowds are passionate, excitable and love their sports and events. The atmosphere will be an extra player in your team and provide a memorable experience for all far past your event date.

The playing field and facilities include:

  • International Standard playing field with broadcast standard LED lighting
  • Grandstand seating capacity of 1,046 and 10,000 general admission capacity
  • Air conditioned players change rooms which can be configured as two large change rooms or four smaller change rooms
  • Sideline facilities for players and officials
  • Two fully enclosed, air conditioned coaches’ and broadcast boxes
  • Field side medical triage room
  • Compliant doping control facility
  • Air conditioned female and male match officials change rooms
  • Ice bath recovery facilities
  • Live broadcast camera platform and facilities
  • An additional 10 National Standard sized fields within close proximity, including field lighting.

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